The FASSI Spa Pharmaceutical Biochemical Institute, founded in 1936, is the confectionery industry producing Mental and Flavoral brand sweets. In the 80s it was the forerunner of the double meaning of television advertising: who does not remember the catchphrase "... I perfumed it ..."

The company, young and dynamic, despite its almost eighty years of history, has always enthusiastically exploited the opportunities offered by the market, bringing its brand into a leading position both in Normal Trade and in the Modern Distribution channel.

It is precisely the taste for challenge and novelty that pushes it today to explore the new world of digital smoking, taking advantage of decades of experience in

made of tastes, aromas and perfumes.

Our liquids derive from a selection of aromas for electronic cigarettes obtained from top quality ingredients and aromatic molecules exclusively used in the food sector.

The Mental fragrances, suitable for all types of smokers, have been designed and created for daily use. For this purpose, studies and tests have been carried out to avoid aromatic persistence and the presence of annoying components in prolonged use during the day.

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